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BROOME, Western Australia

OPERA UNDER THE STARS® is presented in the lush tropical gardens of the Mangrove Hotel overlooking the crystal blue waters of Broome's breath-takingly beautiful Roebuck Bay whose majestic ebb and flow provides the perfect backdrop for this exhilarating Opera experience. 

As twilight falls and the Kimberley night sky lights up with a flotilla of scintiallating stars the scene is set for the Opera experience of a life time!


The Mangrove Hotel is just a short walk from Broome's famous Chinatown - the centre of Broome - and a leisurely 10-15 minute stroll from other accommodation in the area of Broome known as 'Old Broome' meaning 'Original Broome'.

The Mangrove Hotel is easily accessible.

Bus and taxi services to the venue are available - please read below.

For the comfort of Patrons seating for OPERA UNDER THE STARS® is provided.  Premium Tickets ensure seating in a Reserved Area - please note these seats are NOT numbered.  Seats are provided in an unreserved area for General Admission Tickets. 

Patrons are asked not to bring chairs or picnic blankets.


OPERA UNDER THE STARS® is presented during the warm, dry 'winter' season which extends from April to September  (opposite to northern hemisphere seasons) with temperatures averaging 15-30C (59-86F). 

The days are warm and sunny averaging 30C (86F). 

The evenings are cool in comparison to the days, averaging 15C (59F), and it is advisable to dress to suit and to have a warm jacket / wrap for the late evening.

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Patrons of OPERA UNDER THE STARS® can savour delectable Pre Opera Dining at Mangrove Hotel - Full Menu available from 5:30pm to 7:30pm ONLY.  

There are a range of other fine restaurants in Old Broome and Chinatown as well as in the Cable Beach precinct.  For more information please check with your accommodation; visit the Broome Visitor Centre here or phone 08 9195 2200; or the restaurant page 101 of the 2017 Shire of Broome Directory.


The Town Bus Service provides a bus service from Chinatown and Old Broome to Cable Beach and vice-versa - check broomebus.com.au for timetable details (NB: this usual bus service ceases early evening). To enhance Patrons' enjoyment and the community spirit of OPERA UNDER THE STARS® the Town Bus Service will run a SPECIAL bus service AFTER the OPERA UNDER THE STARS® performance. This SPECIAL bus service will follow the usual bus route through Old Broome and Chinatown ($2.50pp) and then on to Cable Beach ($5.00pp).


Taxi services are available:  Chinatown Taxis 9192 3316 or 1800 811 772; Pearl Town Taxis 13 13 30 and Roebuck Taxis 1800 880  330.


The Mangrove Hotel is a Fully Licensed venue.

NO BYO alcohol is permitted. 

Photo ID will be required, as necessary, to purchase liquor. 

Enjoy OPERA UNDER THE STARS® twice as much DON’T DRINK & DRIVE...nominate a Skipper early, take the Town Bus or a cab or stroll to the venue if you fancy it! 


The town of Broome was established as a pearling port in the 1880s and has had a romantic and oftern flamboyant history.

As a result of the pearling industry Broome's Indigenous Community was joined by nationalities including Chinese, Euorpeans, Japanese and Malays.  This cultural melting pot has influenced the distinctive character and charm of Broome.  Pearling remains one of the town's major industries with local South Sea Pearls being lauded as the best in the world.

For further information about Broome visit:

Broome Historical Society & Museum



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